Tito Ortiz From Ufc Fighter To Affliction Commentator

Tom and I are good friends, said Ortiz. 24 in Anaheim, California. It is known that the concert Ortiz decided to do for free as a favor to grief VP Tom Atencio, the former UFC light heavyweight champion said in an interview with Radio Between Rounds Show. And He Asked Me You Ever Thought About Doing Commentaryand vado Yeah Ive Always Thought Of Doing Commentating But Every Time I Ever Asked The UFC They Always Shot Me Down So Tom Asked If I Would Do It How Much It Would Cost And I Said Tom Youre A Friend Of Mine Im Going To Do It Free For You. Tito Ortiz try to comment on his hand to the tribulation Day Of Reckoning pay-per-view on Jan.

13.1.09 07:35

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